Dr Rama Prasad

Celebrate Freedom from Pain

Pain hinders our happiness in many torturous ways.
It costs Australians quality of life, productivity and billions annually. Joint, back and neck pain are the most common concerns.

Many turn to pain killers and short term tools, despite their side effects and limitations. Hundreds of my patients have experienced rapid relief from the following alkalizing and anti-inflammatory routine, most alleviating chronic aches in a week. Is it possible to turn your frown into a smile in just seven days? The answer is absolutely YES. Take the following steps to witness your body’s amazing balancing abilities.  With faith and discipline you can do it. Imagine the amazing freedom of a pain free, fully functional body. Its like getting a new dream car. By the end of the week wave bye bye to pain and hello to happiness.


Clear fridge and cupboards of grains, sugar and alcohol. Cancel any dinner dates. Tell everyone you know that you’re on a meal plan to eliminate pain. Dedicate yourself to strictly adhering to this program.

Daily Routine

Awake and smile to yourself. Say “Everyday in every way I’m getting healthier and happier.” Look at yourself in the mirror and say I love you. Punctuation with a kiss is optional! Drink a cup of herbal caffeine free tea of choice, with or without almond milk. Do 30 minutes cardio vascular exercise to sweat and raise heart rate. Before 9am enjoy a big breakfast using any of the following ingredients sesame oil, coconut oil, ghee, vegetables, tempeh, nuts, seeds, egg, cheese, salt (sea, celtic or Himalayan), herbs and spices. If they don’t give you bloat then add legumes such as mung beans, lentils, urad dal, red kidney beans or chickpeas. However if they cause gas then completely avoid them. Chew every mouthful at least 15 times. Sip pure water as desired. Take all your supplements. If you prefer you can take the slippery elm and oil later. At around 11am eat a huge fresh fruit salad with primarily papaya, fruits of choice, yoghurt, seeds, and desiccated coconut. Between 12 and 2pm do a 30 minute yoga nidra relaxation practice. One is available from www.hearandheal.com. By 2pm have a solid, larger lunch comprising of anything other than grains. Around 5pm have a fresh juice of carrot, celery, tumeric root and ginger root - only if you are hungry. In the evening if you get hungry have a herbal tea or a very light vegetable soup if really ravenous. However if you had a big breakfast, lunch and juice you shouldn’t have any appetite. Only drink herbal teas, freshly squeezed juice, almond milk and pure water without added sugar.

Supplement list to purchase

Magnesium diglycinate - muscle relaxant, facilitates calcium absorption
Calcium - nerve relaxant, bone builder (Ethical Nutrient’s Mega magnesium powder contains these and is a tasty raspberry flavour.)
Either Krill oil, Fish oil or Flaxseed oil. The EFAs in these inhibit inflammatory pathways.
Boswellia - a herb that inhibits lipoxygenase pathways which bypass pain.
Slippery Elm powder - repairs the GIT and ensures clear bowel motions
B Complex liquid or tablets
Mineral bicarbonates including Magnesium hydroxide with a pH 7.5 – 10.5 to buffer acids. Alkamax by Direct Health is the best formula for this.
Collidal silver – strong alkaliser that kills unhealthy microorganisms.
Take the maximum dosage on the bottle.
These can all be mixed in a morning smoothie to make it easier to take. 

Grocery list
Any vegetables except tomatoes, eggplant and chilli.
Tumeric root or powder - Purifies blood, liver tonic, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant.
Ginger - anti inflammatory by blocking mediators COX-2 and TNF and suppressing prostoglandin E2 pathway.
Papaya - has painkilling enzyme papain.
4 bags of juicing carrots - liver tonic, source of beta carotene and energy booster.
Celery - removes acid from body.
Yoghurt - either from cows, goat or coconut milk to reduce intestinal inflammation.
Berries - antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.
Cold pressed sesame oil
Ayurvedic Dhanwantaram 101 oil or Ketakeemooladi oil - powerful to repair the damaged tissues and a strong analgesic.
7 L of still pure water if you don’t have a water purifier.

Postural advise

Change your posture every few minutes. Remind yourself to lift your chest and breathe frequently. Try to have some symmetry in posture whenever possible. Maintain muscle elasticity with supervised stretches and exercises such as yoga (asana) and pilates. Include a few different types of exercise to maintain your fitness. Try to place your bare feet on the earth or sand for 30 minutes a day. This ‘earthing’ practice helps us to absorb free electrons which are alkalizing and anti-inflammatory.

Oil application

Every day in the afternoon or evening massage yourself with sesame oil. Apply analgesic Ayurvedic oil to your specific area of pain. Cover it with a thin cloth soaked in either warm sesame oil or warm water and then apply a hot water bottle. Keep on for thirty minutes. Now your body’s back on track maintain it with daily exercise, alkalising diet and relaxation. Ayurvedic body therapies utilizing potent herbal oils are extremely relaxing and effective. Welcome work, rest and play without the unwanted party pooper of pain. If you fall off the wellness wagon temporarily, just get back on again, it’s never too late to feel great.