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Case studies
based on elemental body types

Case study 1

Case study 2

Case study 3

1. The slender manager

The case
A 37 year female presented with amenorrhoea, insomnia, constant mild anxiety, hairloss, dry skin and mouth, constipation and severe lack of energy. She frequently develops colds and flus. She owned a business and managed it.

The constitution
Her body shape indicated (a very tall and slender body with long limbs and fingers) that she is an Ether type based out of the Five Element Type. Ether predominant types are extremely creative and designed to be visionaries, scientists, philosophers, thinkers or generally wisdom seekers.

The occupation
She as doing a typical managerial and admin job, dealing with deliveries and dispatches, rostering daily and weekly work schedules of 70 professionals working in her office. Thus she was engaging her tiny Earth energy on a full time intense job and over-spending it. Though she was doing a great job, sh is not designed and she can’t afford to do this. This overuse of Earth energy was depleting the Earth elements in her body - such as protein, minerals, muscle tone etc., hence all the symptoms.

The prescription
According to the advise she trained two of her employees - who are earth types - to manage and administer these jobs after rigorous training. She handed this part of the job 99% to these new managers. And started spending under 30 minutes daily talking to her managers.

The result
Just 6 months later her health is fully back, all symptoms are subsided, also stopped using almost 23 supplements and herbs she was on. In fact, now she is healthier than ever. Now lives on 2-3 meals, some exercise, good sleep and lots of writing.

Final note
She completed her first book. By understanding one's elemental body type they can apply their naturally abundant unlimited energy in order to stay healthy and happy and to optimise productivity. It improves the health and longevity of the person and business. Elemental body type analysis is all about sustainability.

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