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2. Unfulfilled Director

The case
45 year-old Tim wanted me to help him with his frustration and irritability. He is on a range of supplements and herbs to boost his stamina and energy as he runs 3 companies on his own. He hesitantly uses various forms of antacids as reflux becoming a serous growing issue. He feels stressed, unsatisfied, and more importantly is upset about how his employees see him.

The constitution
A tall, solid body with well-developed muscles and angular features indicated that Tim was a Ether-Fire-Earth type. To be happy and satisfied Tim needs to apply these forces at work.

The occupation
Analysis of what and how he performed his tasks at work/life revealed that he was applying his Fire-Earth forces predominantly. He never applied his Ether at work. A force that is never applied is like a dog that didn’t get enough exercise. It becomes grumpy. Its difficult to be satisfied with that force inside.  

The prescription
Tim received a quick training to applying his Ether force at work.

The result
6 weeks later Tim reported in dramatic improvement in his wellbeing. The main reason was ‘everyone loves me and adores me’ for some reason. His close associates are suddenly enthusiastic to deal with him and meetings are a lot shorter and more productive.

Final note
Needless to say that he felt his workload was low, as people around him was a lot more positive and cheerful. Quickly his heartburn became a thing from the past.

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