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3. Steve, Unsettled.

The case
44 year-old, stressed out Steve presented with shallow sleep. He is unsettled and insecure often. Steve said he was borderline anxious when wakes up. He has started getting forgetful occasionally.

The constitution
He was solid looking with heavy skeletal system and squarish face. Earth was the predominant element in constitution. 

The occupation
He is a mason working for a construction company for the past 14 years. He enjoyed his work in the beginning. But, for the past 5 years he has been deputed to cover several other buildings. Most of the time he is in his ute, driving around. Mostly he was overseeing other people’s work. He knew the work inside out. But the stress is getting worse and now the sleep and hence his energy levels are badly affected.

The diagnosis
Steve was suited to do masonry. Earth types like ‘their’ place and position like rocks. They are not designed to be kicked around, but to be in one place, and do repetitive work. He used to do one job at a time, completed it and then move to another site. For the past 5 years he was deputed to travel, overspend his Air element (which then got aggravated and resulted in insecurity), Ether element (loosing ‘his place’ and being all over the place) and not given a chance to do any brickwork (not engaging his natural Earth force and resulting in unexplainable frustration) as such. This could be the reason for Ether and Air excess symptoms.

The prescription
Steve was advised to spend time with his boss, to understand his role a bit more. Also he was given permission to participate in physical work considerably at each location.

The result
Within 4 weeks he felt considerable change in health. He felt part of the team, who is managing 12 different work sites. Going back, even though partially, to his brick and mud also helped him ground thoroughly.

Final note
Steve still wants to go back to his full time brickwork (Earth), and soon to own (Earth) his own business. You can take an element out of the boy, you can’t take the boy out of the element! 

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