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5 Breakfast Meals that Surprisingly Have More Sugar

By Rebecca Lewis on June 19, 2013

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Many people don’t realise it but eating breakfast is an important aspect of a healthy lifestyle. But it’s not enough that you don’t skip your morning meal. You should also make sure that you are eating healthy. Unfortunately, many people tend to choose the wrong food for breakfast, giving more emphasis on the sugary ones.

Below are the usual morning meals that little we know, have more sugar than sweets!

Fruit-Flavoured Yoghurt

Yoghurt may sound like a healthy option for breakfast, but choosing the wrong variety may actually put your body in a sugar overload! Fruit-flavoured yoghurts normally contain artificial sweeteners that can bring damage to your health. It’s always best to choose plain Greek yoghurt. If you can’t resist its sourness, you can sweeten it up by adding slices of fresh fruits like cherries, strawberries and apple. You may also use dried fruits, and sprinkle it with chopped nuts. You don’t just get a healthy breakfast but a satisfying treat too!


Smoothies are really appealing for people who opt to lose weight. When done right, a tall glass of smoothie can really be a fulfilling and healthy breakfast option. But you may want to avoid buying commercially prepared smoothies as they are often loaded with sugar. Nothing beats the one made from fresh fruits. If you want it sweeter, use honey instead of table sugar.


Just pour milk and its ready! For years, we were made to believe that cereal is one of the healthiest foods mums can give to their kids, especially during breakfast. But many cereal manufacturers hide a horrible secret: their products contain tons of sugar! The popular Kellogg’s Frosties for instance, has whopping 37 per cent of sugar whilst Tesco’s Choco Snaps has 36 per cent. According to the Food Standards Agency, a sugar content that is above 15 per cent is considered ‘high’. The sugar contents in these morning cereals are almost doubled!

Cereal Bars

Cereal bars often give us a ‘quick fix’ for our hungry stomach on days when we are too busy to prepare a hearty meal. But don’t be fooled. Most bars are high in sugar and low in nutrient. Many bars contain more sugar than the processed breakfast cereals and biscuits, especially those that are coated with chocolate.

Cakes and Pastries

Most cakes and pastries contain high amount of sugar – that’s probably why they taste so good. But there are baked goods that are more sinful than the others. They include doughnuts, croissants, and muffins. If you’re a pastry lover, a good alternative would be home-made biscuits and cakes that contain dried fruits and nuts like raisins, almonds, walnuts, and cherries. Baking on your own allows you to adjust the sugar content and add healthier ingredients. Don’t know how to bake? Wholegrain breads are a great choice.

Remember, any other nutrient-dense food may become less healthy if you add more sugar. For example, your morning oatmeal, porridge or French toast, might be doing your body more harm than good if you add lots of sugar to them. The same is true with coffee, chocolate or orange juice. Using natural sweeteners could be a better way to satisfy your sweet tooth without sacrificing your health.

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