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Body Types Analysis in Traditional Ayurveda

Body type is your true make up or what you are. There are many methods to analyse body type. We are using dosha and elements here to understand your body type. Body type is also called the mind-body constitution.

The benefit of knowing your body type can be compared to the advantage of knowing the car you drive is a sports car or family car, or a truck or a bike. Once you know this, you will know how to apply the natural ability in life. 

Every one is unique. Everyone has a unique proportion of elements and doshas. Knowing our body type is vital in engaging our energies appropriately, when we exercise our predominant energy in daily life, we will be healthy and fulfilled. This is the secret of personal sustainability.

Lets start with elements.
Every one is created with a unique proportion of universal energies such as Earth gravitational energy), Water (electro-magnetic energy), Fire (thermo-dynamic energy,), Air (kinetic energy) and Ether (Wisdom).
Based on the predominance of elements we get a  unique body shape.  Body type is always analysed based on the body shape when we are healthy or normal. Imbalance has nothing to do with our constitution at all. If our constitution is a gem, imbalance is the dirt (not in a negative sense, though. every disease bring some pain, hence the word dirt) on it. Usually what we experience (eg: pain, stress etc) are due to some form of 'imbalance'. When we are healthy we feel light, right, 'everything is OK' etc.
What is my body-type

Kapha type A:
Shape: Solid build, rectangular type (wide hips, broad shoulders, large fingers/toes/bones).
Designed for: Managerial, administrative, over-seeing, hands-on, building, to move heavy things.
If 'yes' is the answer to any of the questions below, you are an A type Kapha.
Do you have wide hips? Do you have broad shoulders? Do you look rectangular?
Do you look solid? Do you have heavy bones?
Kapha type B:
Shape: Soft, rounded, curvaceous (rounded eyes, fleshy nose and cheeks)
Designed for: To care, nurse, mother, listen, cook, nurture.
If 'yes' is the answer to any of the questions below, you are a B type Kapha.
Do you have a soft body? Do you have curvaceous body? Do you have rounded nose?
Do you have soft fingers? Do you have rounded features?
Pitta type:
Shape: Angular, pointy (muscular, penetrating eyes, pointy nose/chin, triangular trunk)
Designed for: To Analyse, be precise, fast, competitive, transform.
If 'yes' is the answer to any of the questions below, you are a Pitta type.
Do you have angular features? Do you have penetrating eyes? Do you have red head?
Do you have triangular trunk? Do you have triangular face? Do you have a strong muscular body?
Vata type A:
Shape: Small, thin, light (light weight, short, thin bones)
Designed to: communicate, network, teach, sing, talk.
If 'yes' is the answer to any of the questions below, you are an A type Vata.
Do you have a small body compared to your family members? Are you shorter than your mum (if you are female) or dad (if you are male)? Do you have small bones? Do you have short fingers and toes? Do you have a petite body?
Vata type B:
Shape: Tall, slender (tall among their siblings or long bones in relation to size)
Designed to: guide, learn, share wisdom/philosophy, contemplate, go deep in science, be esoteric.
If 'yes' is the answer to any of the questions below, you are a B type Vata.
Do you have a tall body compared to your
mum (if you are female) or dad (if you are male)? Do you have long fingers? Do you have long limbs? Do you have a light weight body?

A tall-solid person is Ether-Earth. They are practical philosophers, hands on thinkers, thinking managers or calm doers.
A muscular person with large eyes and soft cheeks with some curvaceous features is Fire-Water type. They are caring warriors, intense in emotions, fast yet gentle. So on so forth.

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