Dr Rama Prasad

Pleasing the Planets
By Caroline Robertson

Need help getting through the day?
Soliciting support from the daily planet can
deflect detrimental energies and attract astral blessings.

Celestial Connection

Ever noticed each day has a distinctive ambience? Maybe you feel moody on Mondays, volatile on Tuesdays, sedate on Sundays. Some have a favourite day when the heavens seem to smile down on them. Our days may be more influenced by intergalactic forces than we realise. The ancients named each day according to the particular planet or god governing it. The Sun rules Sunday, Moon-Monday, Mars-Tuesday, Mercury-Wednesday, Jupiter-Thursday, Venus-Friday and Saturn influences Saturday. 

Understanding the planetary nature of each day, we can enhance this energy by attuning ourselves to resonate with its vibration, harmonising our inner space with outer space. Indian Jyotish astrology offers many ways to establish this celestial connection. Aligning ourselves with the day’s divinity can be done through affirmation, meditation, colours, rituals and activities.

Certain activities are compatible with the energy of specific days. For example, romance on Friday is enhanced by Venus’ sensuality, Thursday’s Jupiter brings prosperity and Wednesday’s messenger planet Mercury boosts communication, as it did when Martin Luther King delivered his famous “I have a dream” speech on a Wednesday. Astrology also advises one avoid activities on certain days. Take Tuesday, governed by warrior planet Mars, “it’s risky for surgery as there can be excessive bleeding”, observed Rami Sivan, surgical nurse and Hindu priest.

Day by Day

"To affect the quality of the day, that is the highest of arts." - Henry David Thoreau

Even scientists can see a biological basis behind the influence of each day. Our seven-day cycles, called circaseptan in chronobiology, create proven, predictable seven-day fluctuations in our physiology including hormones, temperature and blood pressure. Understanding these innate circaseptan rhythms we can live in synch with them, sensing the best time to act and rest.

Aligning personal patterns with planetary influences enables us to flow with nature’s rhythm and live in accordance with our spiritual and material mission. Ancient astrologers offered many methods to invoke the planet’s positive influence for the day. Have fun experimenting with these ideas rather than applying them in a rigidly superstitious manner.

These are general guidelines whereas specific remedial measures (upayas) can be devised after a detailed horoscope reading. However, planetary practices are very powerful when done with devotion and pure intention. Following any regime that acknowledges and enlists higher help has an accumulative benefit that allows us to evolve one day at a time.


When I admire the wonders of a sunset or the beauty of the Moon, my soul expands in the worship of the creator. -    Mohandas Gandhi

Raise your psychic radar on Monday and the Moon’s rays may beam you clues to life’s mysteries. Our increased sensitivity on Monday, particularly affecting water signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces, can create a moody yet magical day. Intuition and maternal instincts are heightened by the Moon’s influence on this day named after the anglosaxon monandaeg meaning Moon’s day.

As the Moon is the closest planet to Earth it affects both the Earth’s tides and our emotional tides. Since the Moon is also the fastest moving planet it’s phases reflect changeable moods. In Jyotish astrology the Moon is called Chandra or Soma, signifying the shakti or feminine force essential for creation and growth.

To achieve goals on Monday the art of gentle persuasion and charm reaps results better than a forceful warrior approach more suited to Tuesday’s masculine Mars.  Called Lundi in French, this lunar day drives people loony if they’re too pushy towards themselves or others. However Monday is the most powerful day to make subconscious shifts and influence others through subtle means such as meditation, affirmation and ritual. Hindu women traditionally fast until sunset on this day to meet their soul spouse or to ensure their husband’s health. Countless anecdotes claim that fasting for sixteen consecutive Mondays pleases Lord Shiva who then fulfils all desires and gives strength to endure austerities.
Monday’s maternal energy can be summoned by worshipping goddesses Radha, Durga, Mahashakti, Parvati,  Lakshmi, Tara, Kwan Yin, Isis or Mary Madonna. Connecting with one’s mother, female relatives and ancestors will also channel female grace into your life. Nurturing oneself and others with loving thoughts and deeds on Monday is like giving mother’s milk to a baby, providing physical and emotional strength.

To reflect the Moon’s luminosity we can wear white, silver, creams, light greys or whitish pastels. Moonstone, pearl and silver jewellery resonate with the Moon’s frequency. Ancient astrology says those born on Monday are often kind, compassionate, accommodating, humble and motherly. They can also be insecure, co-dependant, possessive, moody, hypersensitive and smothering. To avoid a manic Monday and absorb it’s mystical power try the following-

  • Connect with your creativity and imagination through art, music, dance or ritual.
  • Enjoy mothering yourself and others with home comforts such as sharing meals, making your nest more homely and nestling with loved ones.
  • Treat problems with the mind, fertility, water retention, lymphatics, breasts, stomach or left eye.
  • Spend time near snow or water. Enjoy a moonlit swim or bath.
  • Tibetan astrology reserves Mondays for gardening, plumbing, adopting children, preparing medicine, feasts and settling into a new home.


Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage. -Anais Nin

Tuesday calls for courage, confidence, drive and determination.

Ruled by the passionate planet Mars, Tuesday favours assertive action and ambition. Depending on how we channel our energy, Mars’ influence can be constructive or destructive. The potential for conflict, controversy and burn out is greater with Mars’ fiery force - Hiroshima and the Twin Towers were attacked on Tuesday. However, with military Mars on our side, Tuesday can bring victory to those bold enough to carpe diem.

Known as Mangal or auspicious in Jyotish astrology, Mars supports those fighting for a just cause. Associated with Aries in ancient times, Tuesday was later named after the Nordic warrior god Tyr. In India Tuesday is the day to honour loyal Hanuman, Shiva’s son Subramanya or the protective half-lion god Narasimha.

Aries, Scorpios and those born on Tuesdays are particularly empowered on this day but should temper impatience and explosive anger. Mars can ignite passion on Tuesdays and spark drama as astrologer Athena Starwoman said “Tuesday unions bring challenges but excitement.” To enhance Mars’ energy one can wear orange or red colours and ornaments of red coral and garnet, providing there’s no inflammatory health problem.

Take advantage of Mars’ motivating energy by doing the following on Tuesday:

  • Face a fear
  • Support the needy and siblings
  • Ally yourself with powerful people
  • Play sport
  • Do things you have been avoiding
  • Enjoy passionate loving
  • Stand up for yourself
  • Champion causes
  • Treat pitta problems related to the blood, inflammation, muscle, head, gall bladder or heart
  • Beware of fire, arguments, accidents and injury


Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind. - Rudyard Kipling   

The messenger god Mercury makes Wednesday ideal for communication, expression and intellectual enquiry. Ancient astrologer Parasara says Wednesday’s ruler Mercury “uses words with many meanings and loves to joke.” Hence Wednesday is alive with possibilities for writers, journalists, politicians, comedians and teachers. A mercurial mind and wit is sharpened by Wednesday’s influence especially for Virgos, Geminis and those with exalted Mercury.

Since quicksilver Mercury is the second fastest planet it can imbue the day with a restless energy that if channelled results in a very constructive outcome but can fray the nerves if unfocussed. Being the closest planet to the Sun, Mercury reflects radiant sunshine, granting strokes of brilliance and an effulgent appearance to those born on Wednesday or with exalted Mercury. Though they have the gift of the gab they can talk themselves into trouble if they don’t know when to be silent.

The name Wednesday is derived from the chief god of Norse mythology Wodin but European languages have retained its original Roman root, Mercuri, with French referring to it as Mercredi and Italians as Mercoledi. Sanskrit calls Wednesday Budha, a term for Mercury and intelligence.

Sales can escalate on Wednesday as words such as commerce, merchandise and merchant evolved from their positive relationship with Mercury. Astrology readings and account keeping are also beneficial on this day as calculation skills are honed by Mercury’s discriminating wisdom.

One can tune into Mercury’s frequency by wearing green, emerald, green tourmaline, jade or peridot and worshipping Vishnu, green Tara or a holy basil tree (Tulasi). Auspicious activities for Wednesday include:

  • Communication via any means.
  • Studying, research or writing
  • Sales
  • Buying things for communication
  • Treating problems with the nervous system, respiratory tract, frontal brain, hips and intestines.
  • Visiting the library, school, stock exchange, astrologer, and accountant.
  • Short journeys
  • Signing contracts
  • Holding meetings

THURSDAY - Jupiter

“Guru’s grace dispels darkness and illuminates the right way on Thursday,”- Vedic astrologer Ganesh Veerappa
In Sanskrit Jupiter is known as Guru, or one who replaces shadow with light, ignorance with wisdom. Therefore

Thursday, ruled by Jupiter, presents an opportunity for higher truth to reveal itself and beneficial influences to enter one’s life. Known as the most generous and benevolent planet, Jupiter favours those who are philanthropic and charitable. Being the largest planet in the solar system it’s expansive energy encourages us to see the bigger picture, to understand how local action has a global reaction and how enlightened awareness can effect other’s consciousness.

Zeus represented Jupiter in Greek mythology and Nords called him Thor, hence the name Thursday. According to Sophocles “The dice of Zeus always falls lucky,” making Thursday propitious for any ethical efforts. However, since Guru also means heavy, negative karmic reactions can be more intense on Thursdays, highlighting the consequences of actions and necessary adjustments.

Sagittarians, Pisceans and Thursday babies may be especially receptive to insights and inspiration on this day. “Anything auspicious commenced on Thursday morning will be blessed” a Jyotish astrologer once told me. This includes education, spiritual practice, business, legal action, therapy, childcare and long journeys. However, one should never commence long journeys on Thursday afternoon due to negative influences including Rahukalam. In Tibetan astrology it is also revered as a divine day appropriate for monastic ordination, religious rituals, marriage, study, teaching, and preparing medicines. Jupiter’s generosity makes Thursday a fortunate day to ask for favours, loans or to recover lost property. Wearing the gems yellow sapphire, yellow topaz, citrine and the colours yellow, gold, royal purple or royal blue synchronise with Jupiter’s energy.

Absorb Guru’s grace on Thursday through the following activities-

  • Practice prayer, meditation or spiritual ritual in the morning
  • Visit a spiritually uplifting place or person
  • Express thanks to your teachers and well-wishers
  • Give charity
  • Commence education
  • Clarify your higher mission in life
  • Seek help with problem solving and general support
  • Address problems with the liver, gall bladder, spleen, mucous, obesity and circulation.
  • Pray for divine protection and guidance

When Love was born I think he lay. Right warm on Venus' breast. -Sara Teasdale, poet

Friday has an enjoyable energy. Many feel it’s a day to relax and reward oneself for surviving the working week. Imbued with Venus’ sensual essence, it’s a favourable day to indulge in aesthetic and sensual pleasures.

The English name Friday came from the Norse love goddess Frigga but in other languages, such as French where it’s called Vendredi, it remains a tribute to its nymph namesake, Venus. In Jyotish astrology it is revered as Shukra, meaning reproductive essence and brilliant white, being the brightest star after the Sun and Moon. Its luminous beauty brings an association with any desirable Devi including Aphrodite, Astarte, Ishtar, Lalita, Lakshmi, Gopis and Saraswati.

The attractive appearance of Venus can also be associated with her male counterpart, Adonis. Those born on Friday, Taureans and Librans can find Friday brings out the best in them.  However, Friday babies fabled to be affectionate and attractive can fall prey to vanity and vulgarity if they don’t cultivate an appreciation of inner beauty. Similarly Taurean’s foodie tendencies and Librans lascivious leanings can create trouble if they overindulge on Fridays.

“Venus favours the bold,” said ancient poet Ovid. So on Fridays set your Venus flytrap to attain your deepest desires. To get lucky in love, make a romantic move on Friday, as Venus is the planet of erotic ecstasy. Tap into your inner Aphrodite or Adonis by indulging in pampering or styling that highlights your unique allure. Wear ornate clothes in sensuous fabrics and colours that vibrate with Venus’ vibration including white and pale pastels. Jewellery of pearls, copper or silver also align with Friday’s opulent mood.

Life’s luxuries are more accessible with Venus’ support so conducive activities for feel-good Friday include:

  • Creative pleasures such as art, music, dance, gardening, interior design, makeup, clothes and jewelery.
  • Socialising with friends and family.
  • Romancing someone special.
  • Buying or selling valuables.
  • Undergoing treatment especially for beauty, the female reproductive system or urinary tract problems.
  • Connecting with unconditional love and appreciation


The scientific theory I like best is that the rings of Saturn are composed entirely of lost airline luggage. - Mark Russell, US comedian

Saturn is Saturday’s brutal boss, expecting hard work for an uncertain wage. Known as the taskmaster, Saturn is the oldest god, representing wisdom born from hardship and character matured through experience.

Saturn calls one to be stoic in the face of adversity and surrendered to circumstances. It forces us to pause and appreciate our inner wealth. India’s Saturn temples are popular pilgrimage places as people pray for it to remove limitations and restrictions, as symbolised by Saturn’s rings. Saturn is called Shani in Jyotish, a word derived from sanischara meaning "slow mover" and is aptly depicted as a shunned cripple since it is the slowest moving planet. Hence, Saturn may create delays but with diligence and discipline, hard labour will reap rewards.

Appropriately, the name Saturday springs from ‘dies Saturni’, or day of Saturn, the Roman god of agriculture. In Nordic lore Saturday is ruled by Loki, the god of tricks and chaos. As the lord of Karma, Saturn encourages us to reflect on our actions and reactions and to take responsibility for our life. Saturn’s denials develop our appreciation of qualities such as patience, compassion and faith. Spiritual penance and hard work undertaken on Saturday pleases Saturn who will clear negative karma.

As the planet furthest from the Sun, Saturn represents old age, disease and death so extra caution should be taken for one’s health on Saturday. More people seem to fall sick on Saturday from my clinical experience, perhaps because the weekend allows them to or Saturn may be directing us to respect our limitations and balance our lifestyle. Those with a debilitated Saturn are often forced to evolve spiritually and surrender control to a higher force and find happiness despite life’s material limitations.

Saturn can represent a state of ignorance, being born from the Sun’s wife Chaya- a shadow. The Saturday Night Fever rite of getting blind drunk represents a move to the dark side of Saturn where its lessons are lost.
To gain from Saturn’s enlightening aspect astrology recommends the following:

  • Wear some dark colours (balanced with some light)
  • Vow to do something positive at a regular time
  • Take care of the elderly or infirm
  • Address health issues regarding the bones, teeth, legs, rectum
  • Wear hessonite garnet (Rahu’s stone- another Saturday planet)
  • Undertake a pious activity or penance
  • Reflect on impermanence and universal suffering
  • Bring closure to things and accept deaths.
  • Reduce travel and follow a routine
  • Saturday marriages are testing but rewarding if unconditional love prevails.
  • Tibetans regard Saturday auspicious for building, moving to a new place, longevity rituals, agriculture, buying animals, astrology, purchasing food and funerals.


Sunday is the core of our civilization, dedicated to thought and reverence. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

The Sun’s rays illuminate our blessings and path on this day of contemplation and celebration. Ancient cultures worshiped the Sun for its gift of energy, enlightenment and fatherly protection. Sun gods revered include Agni, Ra, Helios, Sol, Apollo, Ogmios, Mithrias, and goddess Phoebe. Today we can appreciate the Sun in the form of our father, authority figures, fire or divinity of choice, allowing their flame to ignite the sacred light within us.

Sunday’s energy encourages us to recharge and re-focus our priorities for the week to come. Hence it is regarded as a day of spiritual connection and rest. Sunday also encourages us to give thanks, enjoy and share the fruits of our labours. Many spend Sundays basking in the warmth of loved ones, building strength from a sense of belonging and interconnectedness.

The Sun also represents our ego and independent identity as evident in its symbol, a dot encompassed by a circle depicting light emanating from our soul. Hence, Sunday is a good day to reinforce our individual drive and determination. Channelling the Sun’s light to spotlight our soul purpose and strategy for success will bring great clarity. Sharing this with a supportive soul mate or mentor figure further enhances the solar support.

Harnessing the Sun’s energy through sacred fire rituals has long been used by Indian sadhus to absorb divine light. Sun sadhana also enhances agni, the metabolic fire and tejas, our immunity aura and foundation of health.

Born on Sunday, Napoleon is a perfect example of the Sun’s extremes. On one hand he was courageous, creative and ambitious yet his vain, megalomaniac side led to his demise. Though powerful, the Sun’s vibration can make us susceptible to egotism, anger, sunstroke, headaches, inflammation and dehydration if we don’t balance it’s active energy with cooling, receptive Moon energy. Fire signs Aries, Sagittarians and Leos and those with afflicted Suns should be especially careful not to spend long in the midday Sun and to control passionate impulses.

A benefic Sun attracts charisma, fame and fortune just as a moth is drawn to a flame. Here are some suggestions to take advantage of Sundays soul and solar power.

  • Wear jewellery with gold, red ruby, garnet, carnelian, citrine, Tiger's Eye, amber, quartz crystal and red agate.
  • Dress in hues of gold, yellow, orange, white and sunrise pinks.
  • Contact your father or father figure
  • Do the Salute to the Sun yoga series facing east.
  • Fast half a day to subdue skin, eye, bone and head problems.
  • Suck on a piece of gold dipped in honey for a few minutes.
  • Visit your chosen sacred space or create one at home.
  • See palaces, royals and regal architecture
  • Light a flame for your teachers, male ancestors and inner light. Then practice yogic flame gazing (trataka).
  • Entertain family or friends
  • Resolve disputes
  • Boost your ambition and self esteem by setting attainable goals

Planetary Puja

When I discover that the forces of the heavens and the planets are within ourselves, then truly I seem to be living among the gods. - Leon Battista Alberti, architect, poet.

Jyotish advises daily observances (vara puja) to appease potential problems and invoke a planet’s benevolent influence. Simple rituals performed for the planet or god ruling the day is like getting in the boss’ good books. We become a conduit for the planet’s positive qualities and dodge its dangerous side.

The best time to do a ritual is when you are clean and clear-headed. Set up a simple altar in the north-east area of a room with pictures of your preferred divinities. You can also use pictures of the planets or sacred symbols called yantras which represent the planet, the navagraha yantra covers all planets.

To appease all elements, offer the following items in order with devotion. A bell or music to appease ether, incense for air, a candle for fire, liquid for water, food and flowers for earth. Reciting the appropriate mantra for that day three times will propitiate the planet to make every day a holy day

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Special thanks to Ganesh Veerappa, Jasvinderpal Singh and Pandit Rami Sivan.

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