Dr Rama Prasad

Personal Ayurvedic Health Consultation, Bondi

An Ayurveda consultation covers all aspects of your health. Being holistic and using all natural and time-tested techniques Ayurveda stands out from the crowd in effective personal health management.

Dr. Rama Prasad in Consultation.
“I suffered from constant headaches for nine years and no western or alternative treatments helped until I met Rama Prasad and started following Ayurveda. Rama’s depth of knowledge and positive encouragement brought me back to a state of health where headaches are a thing of the past”- P.M

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It is recommended in order to maintain or improve your health, prepare for usually stressful period such as travel, pregnancy or certain times at work. 

We can help you with the most appropriate advises in the most practical and effective way.

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In an initial holistic health consultation, Dr Rama Prasad (Bio is here) assesses all aspects of your health including your body type, constitution or prakruti (more info here), health conditions, tongue, mind-body aspects (such as dosha, bhuta, agni, dhatu, srotas, satva, satmya, balam etc.), medical conditions, supplements and medications and other treatment programs you are on. And designs an effective, practical and tailored program using relevant aspects of  nutrition, lifestyle, yoga asana, pranayama, meditation, cleanses, herbs, supplements and rejuvenation practices. 

Dr Prasad offers telephone and Skype consultation internationally. Please fill in Online consultation if its convenient, for telephone / Skype. This reduces the online time. We will call you for an convenient time.

Ayurveda Consultation
Fee $90.00. Around 45 mins. Fee doesn't include products or therapies. By appointment only.

Mind-Body Counseling
Read more about it. Fee: $200/2 hours.

Ayurveda Elements Back and neck clinic is to specifically address your chronic spinal conditions and address with powerful compounds that give you lasting results.

Ayurveda Elements Fertility clinic addresses male and female fertility issues and affordable and effective management. There is no side-effects to any of these treatments.

Ayurveda Elements weight clinic addresses the causes and process of weight issues and correct them with all natural methods. Clients experience optimum energy and vitality while they loose weight from the day one, usually.

Ayurveda Elements bowel clinic addresses ulcerative colitis, crohns disease, irritable bowel disease (IBD), irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), diverticulitis, diverticulosis and all forms digestive disorders effectively. Ayurveda is in fact famous for its ability to cure digestive disorders.