Dr Rama Prasad

"Years back, we found an little baby, just few months old, left at our gate. We decided to look after the baby. And, then we started receiving more children, of all ages. Now, we have 200+ children. We believe god will help us look after these children."
- Mother and Father, the founders of Dharma Jati, Orphanage Bali, Indonasia.

This government school teacher and his wife started an amazing journey 14 years back! Donations from locals, international visitors and local government are keeping the children well looked after.

Orphanage mission - to look after extremely poor children, to give them direction in life, to help them get a suitable job and to train them learn look after each other.
Orphanage philosophy - to keep tradition going and prevent religious conversion.
Number of buildings and description - a large building with over 10 rooms. Another small one with 4-5 rooms.

- 6 people full time. 6 people part time. (fluctuates)
Number of children - 200+, 6 months to 15 years. (fluctuates). Once the kids are 20 and confident, they live independent lives, they contribute to the orphanage if they can afford. They visit the founders (mother and father) regularly.
Care provided for children - cloths, food, schoolbooks, school transportation, health care, outdoor activities
Volunteers - teachers, doctors, drivers, baby sitters.
Facilities for children - TV, radio, library, halls, classrooms, sawing machines, knit work, play rooms, art and sport training, art and sport competitions, baby sitting
Children - well looked after, looking playful, cheerful, healthy and groomed, small kids always with carers / baby sitters.
Disciplinary measures - counselling, discussion, guidance.
Buildings (inside and outside) - clean, organised, well managed.
Land - around half an acre. Congested with building.

Buildings (inside and outside) - clean, organised, well managed.
Land - around half an acre. Congested with building.

Funding sources - donation from visitors and friends, and partial help from government.
Funding requirements - needs a minimum US$3000 per month for the basic necessities.
Currently run on - private donation and partial funding from government.


Whole orphanage per year - US$36,000 per year.
One child per month - US$150
One child per annum - US$1800
One child for life - US$35000 - US$40000

Future plans - to completion of building, building more buildings.
What happens when current managers retire, pass away? “They will somehow continue!”

Contact details
Orphanage name - Dharma Jati II
Address - JI. Trengguli 80 Penatih Denpasar, Bali, Indonasia. Distance from airport, central Denpasar. 45 minutes to Airport. 10 minutes to Denpasar.
Phone - 0361 461781
Email - dharmajatibali@yahoo.com

Bank - Rek. Bank Mandiri Jin. Veteran No. 1 - Denpasar Bali Vayasan Dharma Jati / Panti Asuhan Dharma Jati 1 # 2
No. Rekening: 145000208046

Donations - Bank draft to their address. Or click the following button, which is a paypal account. All monies will be given to the orphanage. There is no hidden costs, fees or expenses.

200+ kids!
Their determination
is unbelievable!

- Eileen Hall 

These kids are always happy! The mother and father are adorable!
- Rami Sivan (visits this orphanage few times a year.

Even though they have limited space, they are peaceful and bright and look after each other.
- Dr Rama Prasad.