Dr Rama Prasad

Ayurveda has scientific and time-tested approach for each individual with bowel disorders such as ulcerative colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, diverticulitis and diverticulosis.

Ayurveda suggests resting the intestine effectively for more than 8 hours daily as the key. This is the integral part of healing any disorder. Without rest healing is almost impossible. But, being used most of the time, how do we rest out intestine? There is a simple way ayurveda suggests that gives you all nutrients you need and rests your intestine fully effectively for 8-12 hours. Don't we rest effectively when we sleep? Most of us don't. This is why we wake up tired.  Why doesn't my gastro-enterologist speak about it? This is because a drug-based management system is not interested in other methods. Most specialists don't know about nutrition, hence they don't bother telling you what is best to eat! Instead would recommend cortisone and other drugs on the way to surgery.

Ulcerative Colitis


What is it: Inflamed large intestinal tissues  compounded with severely weakened immune system.

Symptoms: Multiple bowel movement with bleeding.

Holistic herbs: Anti inflammatory and immune stimulant herbs and helps digestion, absorption and comfortable elimination. 

Holistic nutrition: An alkalising diet is found to be effective. In most cases bleeding stops completely within 48 hours on this program. There are lots of under-15-minutes-yummy recipes! A few fast acting compounds speeds up the healing.

Lifestyle: Immune boosting activities to accelerate healing are powerful in ulcerative colitis. Stress is managed as well with appropriate techniques.

Results: The above simple approach has saved hundreds of lives and bowels. 

Duration: While modern specialists can only tell you that you are going to loose your bowel and so on, all our clients have controlled or subsided their symptoms completely.   

Irritable Bowel Disease | Syndrome


What is it: Depleted and hypersensitive nerve endings in small and large intestine causing unpredictable symptoms and signs.

Symptoms: Constipation, diarrhoea, gas, bloating, cramps, unusually shaped stools etc.

Holistic herbs: Herbs that are calming and toning nerve ending and those which are digestion promoting are effective. 

Holistic program: A tailored nutrient rich, light diet and herbal regime is vital. Like most health conditions, we need to remove any irritants from diet. A high-in-vegetable diet with good oils (coconut, olives and sesame) that is low in grains and protein is a great starter.

Holistic Lifestyle: Immune and energy boosting activities such as early to bed, exercise and meditation. Stress need to be managed as well with an appropriate technique.

Results: Within a week the bowel calms down. Routine need to be performed for few weeks to months based on the history / intensity.

Duration: When a personlised health routine with suitable diet and herbs are followed, in our experience, most clients feel almost 60-90% withing 6-12 weeks.

Bowel: Frequently asked questions

How do we manage Ulcerative Colitis?
We study its responses to various environmental and emotional factors.
We study about how it started and how it subsides and aggravated. 
We assess 33 vital factors and many other secondary factors during the first consult. 
We also studies your scan, blood  and all other reports. 

We come up with a tailored plan using the appropriate techniques and tools from nutrition, health routine, relaxation practices, herbs or supplements, and cleanses and rejuvenation. 
A typical client (not all) may go home with couple of herbal compounds (e.g an anti inflammatory and an immune booster), a meal plan and a relaxation plan for the first 3-4 weeks. 
The result we had / are having are tremendous. Being holistic, well integrated and all natural, we 1) have avoided any side-effects and 2) have lasting results.