Dr Rama Prasad

What they said...

Rama, your body type analysis is unique! No questionnaire, no confusion! Done in under a minute! In my 22 years ayurveda study, never saw anything like this!
- Lisa

Loved Ayurvedic nutrition. Dr Prasad presented all food items as healing and boosting a form of energy, unlike the normal Ayurvedic style! Loved the cooking class. First time, I started cooking. Thanks Ayurveda!
- Prem

After studying with Rama I stopped going to GP when anything happens. I change my lifestyle for few days and see how it went. Surprise, surprise! This time I consulted my GP 8 times less!
- Chase, Sydney

Ayurvedic psychology opened my view on how mind works. Thanks for showing me what mind-body medicine truly is!
- S Paulos, Counselor

I love shirodhara. And, I learned how to do it in 3 different ways from this training!
- Karmel, Melbourne

Intro to Ayurvedic herbology just added a great big foundation chapter! Now my prescriptions are a lot more simpler. 
- Vilas, herbalist, Melbourne.

My medical bills this year is almost negligible!
Your lifestyle tips are not just for my clients, I use them too.
Loved your course Dr Prasad. Keep it up.
- Anderson, Canberra.