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Ayurveda Lifestyle Certificate Course

Ayurveda Elements Academy is committed to teaching the cream of Ayurvedic theory and practice in an interesting and fun format. The course is designed to equip students with a firm understanding of Ayurvedic principles and their practical application in curative and preventative health care. On successful course completion students will be adept at Ayurvedic diagnostic skills, Ayurvedic massage, lifestyle guidance, Ayurvedic nutrition and the use of potent herbs & oils. 

This 112-hour course designed for 1) health-seekers and 2) practitioners alike. The participants will be able to practice all principles in their daily life and practitioner can incorporate the content in their practice easily. At the completion of the course students receive a certificate of attainment that qualifies them as an Ayurvedic Lifestyle Counsellor. 

We are running this course for over 11 years now. This is not a practitioner course. A practitioner couse such as Advanced diploma goes for 2000-3000 hours. The main lecturer is Dr Rama Prasad. Other qualified and experienced local lecturers may present selected segments of the course.  

More Testimonials

“Rama is an expert in the Ayurvedic field. His extensive knowledge and playful way of teaching makes you want dive into the field and learn more! Rama has a beautiful way of helping you in your journey to wellness and teaching you tools to live life in a balanced and harmonious way.” 
Donna Gianniotis, Yoga Teacher 

“Rama has a lovely way of illustrating teaching points with visual images. He has energy and enthusiasm and draws on a wealth of knowledge in his teaching and from his culture.” 
Patricia Wigley, President, International Yoga Teachers Association

“With my life time interest in diet and yoga, I found Rama’s material the most rewarding study I have ever undertaken. The background to Ayurvedic principles set me on a life changing path. As a Yoga teacher and Ayurvedic cook, it has been invaluable to understand body types and individual needs.” 
Adrian Ward, Yoga Teacher and Ayurvedic chef

“Rama is a healer and a teacher who is at home with both Indian and Australian ways. His teachings are an immersion in wellbeing. Rama shares his deep knowledge and experience and so obviously walks his talk - it’s inspirational.” 
Lyndall M Parris, Sydney Coastal Ecovillage

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