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Ayurveda Consultation

An Ayurveda consultation covers all aspects of your health. 

It is recommended in order to maintain or improve your health, prepare for usually stressful period such as travel, pregnancy or certain times at work. 

We can help you with the most appropriate advises in the most practical and effective way.
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In an initial holistic health consultation, Dr Rama Prasad (Bio) assesses all aspects of your health including your body type, constitution or prakruti (more info here), health conditions, tongue, bio-physical aspects (such as dosha, bhuta, agni, dhatu, srotas, satva, satmya, balam etc.) medical conditions, supplements and medications and other treatment programs you are on. And designs an effective, practical and tailored program using relevant aspects of  nutrition, lifestyle, yoga asana, pranayama, meditation, cleanses, herbs, supplements and rejuvenation practices. 

Ayurveda Elements Back and neck clinic is to specifically address your chronic spinal conditions and address with powerful compounds that give you lasting results.

Ayurveda Elements Fertility clinic addresses male and female fertility issues and affordable and effective management. There is no side-effects to any of these treatments.

Ayurveda Elements weight clinic addresses the cause and process of weight issues and correct with all natural methods. Clients experience optimum energy and vitality while they loose weight from the day one.

He lives half the month in north Queensland (Trinity Beach, Cairns) these days and travels other half. 

Dr Prasad offers monthly consultations currently at Cairns, Sydney 
and MelbourneThe venues, booking details and the maps are given below.

Fee doesn't include products or therapies. 

By appointment only.

“I suffered from constant headaches for nine years and no western or alternative treatments helped until I met Rama Prasad and started following Ayurveda. Rama’s depth of knowledge and positive encouragement brought me back to a state of health where headaches are a thing of the past”- P.M

Dr. Rama Prasad in Consultation.

Info on Consultations

Face to face consultation
A face to face consultation is always best if you are living nearby. 

Telephone consultation
A telephone consultation is the best if you far away from the clinic. Many people find that telephone consultations are equally productive but saves driving and parking and related stress. For the past 2 years 10-15% of my local and all my consultations are via either telephone or Skpye. World is changing, I guess.

Skype consultation ( ayurvedarama)
If you are tech savvy, a Skype consultation brings the convenience of both. Saving a lot of road and parking time is a blessing with Skype as wellIn my experience, a Skype consultation equally effective as face to face consultation.

Your prescription with all advises will be emailed to you at the end of the consultation and I will take you through each aspect of it. I can also give you a printed copy if desired. 

We accept Visa/Master/Bank cards and cash. You can also do electronic transfer to Commonwealth Bank - Account name - Rama Prasad - BSB 064347 - ACC 10024048

As I consult in Cairns, Sydney and Melbourne regularly. We have several stockists Australia and India who courier your medicines in 2 business days. We have over 2,000 high quality ayurveda products in stock. We can text you the tracking number to your mobile phone or email. 

My story in brief

  • I grew up in a place that is called the home of Ayurveda. People from overseas and north of India came to learn Ayurveda.
  • I had a form of liver disease when i was 2 years old. When western medicine couldn't help me, I was saved by an Ayurveda doctor.
  • I have completed my bachelors in Ayurveda, which was a 8.5 year full time course at Coimbatore Ayurveda College governed by Bharatiyar University in south India during 1983-1991.
  • I studied Ayurveda in a true Gurukula setting. All my teachers lived in the same small campus and were available all day and most evenings for common and private classes. 
  • My college was set in a forest with mountains, rivers, water falls and thousands of herbs.
  • I studied all three major Ayurveda treatises and dozens of other important works by sages during this time. 
  • I studied all fundamental modern medical subjects like anatomy, physiology, nutrition, surgery, opthalmology, ear-nose-throat, obstetrics, gynaecology, jurisprudence etc.
  • I also studied their Ayurvedic alternatives along with all aspects of therapeutics with lifestyle, nutrition, herbology, pharmacology, pharmacognacy, cleansing and rejuvenate therapies for all ages and health conditions.
  • I continue to study privately during the next 5 years with my teachers outside the university and around my village.
  • I practice since 1991.
  • Since 1993 I taught all types of students - Indian, Asian, Western; university and Ayurveda therapists in India, Australia and Indonesia. 
  • I presented papers and keynotes internationally along with the likes of Dr Chopra, Dr Svoboda and Maya Tiwari.
  • I have special interest in migraines, bowel diseases, fertility and back and neck pain.I am a registered member of Australian Traditional Medicine Society.
  • Since 1983 I am part of several local, national and International ayurveda exhibitions. 
  • Since 1983 I am part of several international Ayurveda and Yoga conferences in India and Australia.
  • I have been part of innumerable medical camps. 
  • I have presented over 300 short and long session internationally on all ayurveda topics.
  • Ayurveda uses over 21,000 single herbs and over 500,000 recipes.
  • I studied Yoga and martial arts and practiced them throughout our training. 
  • All my Ayurveda books were in Sanskrit.
  • I have identified over 2000 ayurvedic herbs that are native to Australia.
  • My goal is to empower my clients to understand how to care for themselves with step by step guidance.

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