Dr Rama Prasad

(International Presenter)


MELBOURNE - Feb 24-26 2012
Fri    24 Feb 6-9pm  (3hrs)
Sat  25  Feb 1-5 pm (4 hrs)
Sun 26  Feb 1-5 pm (4 hrs)

The Carmelite Centre
Crn Richardson and Wright Sts
Middle Park

Bookings: Priscilla Amrita Spice Co.
0410 353 004


A WEEKEND of AYURVEDA and COOKING with TIM MITCHELL  (International Presenter)

Friday evening. 6 - 9 pm
Introduction to Ayurveda. What our Grandmothers told us and why it is still true. And the secret to perfect soup (and all meals) - the six nourishments and four textures. And yes, a bowl of perfect pumpkin soup and the recipe.

Saturday afternoon. 1 - 5 pm
Agni. Our fire within (digestion) and the fire in the kitchen - how to stoke and maintain both. We will make ghee (the perfect food) and learn Tim's 'One and Only Dish' - his secret to endless variety in the kitchen, and to true nourishment of the body. Tastings of dishes and recipes to try at home.

Sunday afternoon. 1 - 5 pm
Celebrating our individuality, 'The Dance of the Dosha's', and keeping in step, and off the toes, of Mother Nature - Rhythms, cycles and seasons. We will learn some home remedies, make some fresh cheese and a special rasayana ( a rejuvenative tonic) passed down to him from his teacher. More tastings and recipes for home.

$250 all inclusive (all 3 sessions including talks, tastings and comprehensive handout).

$225 early bird discount if booked before 25 Jan 2012.