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Practical and effective diet

Observing people and food in the health context for since 1983 years, I am convinced that a most health conditions are due to 1) wrong meal time - eating when we can't digest and 2) excess amount of grains. I am not ruling out the role of junk food, overeating, bad food combination and so on and so forth, here.

Daytime is sun-energy-time and night is moon-energy-time. Most of the digestion occurs during daytime and repair at night. Eat a meal after 6 pm and body is in deep trouble. It can neither digest that food completely nor repair itself properly. Waking up tired is the immediate effect. Over time it leads us to premature aging. It also slows down repair and recovery from health conditions.

Science says that our body body spends up to 70% its energy just to digest one meal. No wonder if you feel a tad tired after your lunch. To sleep effectively we need at least 70% energy. 

So, no wonder you can't fall asleep if you are over tired. 

If you have a health condition, body needs around 70%-100% to fix, that is if you are totally resting. 

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Consultat an ayurveda doctor before changing your diet.

Light diet and rules
Vata/Pitta/Kapha diet and recipes

I've been really well thank you. I'm keeping to the agni boost diet but not as strict with sugar. I've never seen my skin so clear though and I've been happier than ever!
Client, 2012

Just take 42 year old Jeff's story

Jeff's GP and his close friend informed him after a long stare at his blood report, that he may not see his 50th birthday.

Six drugs his GP prescribed couldn't contain his hypertension and high cholesterol. His arthritis and type 2 diabetes were creeping up. Apart from cortisone, he used 3 boxes of tissues daily to wipe his facial eczema.

And Jeff is just 42 years old.
For the past 8 years his suffering is getting worse!

How do you treat all these diseases while the client is working 12 hours day non stop, alone at his office under immense pressure, eating junk and late dinners. These 6 chemical medications and 18 supplements are struggling to control any aspect of his health! Jeff use to eat huge amount of deep fries and stake as dinner. White bread and sugary jam for lunch. His fluid intake was limited to coffee and coca cola. 

My view was this. He is full of toxins. He is given lots of medications and supplements. But, body is too week to deal with them. Also his body is not getting any rest, even though he slept for 8 hours badly. I wanted to give his body a complete rest for 12 hours. Daily. 

So, he was given a choice a) more medicine (no guarantee for any improvement any soon) or b) a cure from these conditions.

He took the cure.
He did the following:

Over ten days he absorbed his dinner into breakfast and lunch. He reduced his dinner by around 100 grams every day. He would move that 100 grams to breakfast and lunch. On the 11th day, he was not hungry for dinner, hence ate no dinner. But he had large, continental breakfasts and 2-3 course lunches. His kept eating his lunch at 2pm or before. He had a substantial snack at 11am. He sipped water throughout the day.

Report after 5 weeks 

Within 2 weeks, all symptoms of his eczema vanished - skin became normal looking and feeling. In 5 weeks blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol dropped to normal and joints started working fine. 

In his words "95% improvement". 

He stopped his supplements with his naturopath's permission soon. He stopped his chemical drugs with his doctor's consent over the next 2 months. 

Report after 3 months 

  • he sleeps well at around 10pm and wakes up totally refreshed by 5am
  • his bowel movements are normal, regular and formed - and twice daily
  • his energy level is exceptional
  • he can think clearly, he is responsive and not reactive anymore
  • his stress is totally under control - he is a lot more relaxed
  • his sex drive has peaked
  • he never felt better
  • he doesn't need/crave/like coca cola, white bread or sugar any more
  • He never felt tired/low in energy during the program
  • He never craved carbs or sugar during the program (in fact sugar craving stopped on the 3rd day)

During the three months of his treatment, he saved over $3000 in his outing and dinner costs alone. Now he doesn't spend anything on supplements or doesn't experience any side effects of chemical drugs. Later on he was given more specific instructions on his eating. 

Focus of his diet was

  • To totally rest the body for around 12 hours daily to optimise healing, repair and rejuvenation. 
  • To eat a meal when the body can digest, during early half of the day.
  • Alkalise the system through eating healthy meals, with awareness, chewing every mouthful 30 times and sipping the liquids slowly.
  • Boost immune system by absorbing 100%.

The story given above is one among thousands. 

Over the past 3 decades, apart from high blood pressure, arthritis, high cholesterol, eczema, I have seen dramatic and lasting improvements or remission in conditions like sleep apnea, early dementia, psoriasis, acne, haemorrhoids, migraines, period pain etc. with this eating style of ancient yogis. 

Effective natural cleanse - some tips

As you continue to improve your eating habits, your body will begin to naturally detoxify itself. You can bolster this inclination and help boost your body’s natural detoxification processes by stimulating digestion with an herbal fiber supplement.

When combined with digestive herbs and psyllium husk, fiber supplements also make a great colon cleanse for detoxification. 

Triphala is a three-fruit combination that helps bowel and channels to clear the unwanted fat and fluids.

Daily abdominal massage in horizontal position assists it too.

Stop grains altogether and eating larger morning and midday meals along with lots of vegetables, some nuts, seeds and protein.

Bring your GIT to a state where you don't get hungry after 2pm in order to give your body a 12 hour complete break.

What can go wrong?

When body is given rest, it will cleanse. The disease-making chemicals will be flushed from the cells into lymphatic system or blood. If they are not cleansed, they cause rashes, flus, fevers, constipation and so on.

You might need some herbs to handle this. You need an ayurvedic guy or holistic, traditional old-school herbalist here.


I like to

What about dosha diet?

Its a very general and vague classification. Ayurveda doctors don't use them in their clinics. What we use is more specific one. The key factors for diet are your digestion and how you are going to use your body in life.

Light diet | Dosha diet

 Instant Youth Diet 

Tom (58 yrs, married) was almost healthy and was not taking any medication and wanted to feel a lot better, hence tried the following.

  • He started eating progressively larger morning meals and midday meals. He ate to his satisfaction.
  • He started eating mostly vegetables and some proteins (70-30 or 80-20%). His diet had nuts, seeds, large variety of vegetables and various protein sources. Fruits were snacks. Sipped water throughout the day.
  • He would eat his meals few minutes before he is hungry. This stopped him from getting any craving for any sugar, carb and salt predominant junk! 
  • For the first month he took men's multivitamin. This was good for his psychology as he knows he is not missing out on any vital nutrient, which could happen during diet change.

Within a day or two his wellbeing improved. Within a month: 

  • His wife mentioned that he no longer snored or made funny noises at night.
  • His bowel movement improved with frequency and consistency.
  • His need for sleep reduced to 7 hours from 8.
  • He stopped getting any craving for junk.
  • Joints were free from occasional morning stiffness.

If you are following this diet (its not a diet to start with), talk to your local ayurveda doctor. In some cases endotoxins may require cleansing. 

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Individual case and treatment and result can vary. Before you change your diet please talk to your practitioner.