Dr Rama Prasad

Online Ayurveda Consultation

Please send all your health information so that our practitioner has a chance to review it before a consult with you face to face or online. Any correction or addition can be made later on. 

Otherwise, you may send an email with all information around 200 words or so as well.

  1. Online consultation is as effective as face-to-face consultation in most cases.
  2. Submitting this form may cut down time on your telephone consultation. But, still prepare for 45 minutes or so.
  3. Our physician will study your health info and will contact you as soon as possible. 
  4. In addition you may email us any other relevant medical reports as well.
  5. Normal online consultation is $110. If you need any herbs or supplements it will be on top of the fee.
  6. Please call us and pay for the consult soon after you submit the Online-Consult-Part-1.

Thank you. 

Please make sure that you have paid the consultation fee. We will contact you to make a telephone consultation within the next 3 business days. 

My Skype names - ayurvedarama


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Important: We recommend to copy the entire page by right clicking outside and then choosing to select all and then copy. Paste it into a document for your record.