Dr Rama Prasad

Wellness and longevity are always hot topics. There are so much conflicting but scientific information about them. Recently an Australian scientist told ‘The Ages’ newspaper that 'science has nothing to do with truth anymore, its all about marketing".

Dr Rama Prasad gives talks, presentations, seminars, workshops and courses on various topics on health and longevity at your centers. Here is a sample list of topics. Contact us for a program at your place. Sample poster here. Sample brochure here.

‘Simply, transforming’ - Eileen Hall.

Interactive Health Presentations
at your center include:

1. Hour-long Presentations
1-2 hours. We consider this as promoting ayurveda and allied sciences. Hence, we offer this for free (applicable to 10 k around Cairns and Sydney's north shore) to a group of 15. You may choose to charge your participants for your space, time and effort.

2. Short Presentations
4 hours. It may include group analysis, interactive exercises, multimedia presentations and discussions.

3. Day Workshops
Full day, interactive. It may include group analysis, interactive exercises, multimedia presentations and discussions.

4. Weekend Workshops
2 days. It may include group analysis, interactive exercises, multimedia presentations and discussions.


We will call you and confirm this.

Free presentations are available 

Free talks are available within 15k around CBD in Melbourne, Sydney and Cairns.


“Rama is an expert in the Ayurvedic field. His extensive knowledge and playful way of teaching makes you want dive into the field and learn more! Rama has a beautiful way of helping you in your journey to wellness and teaching you tools to live life in a balanced and harmonious way.” 
Donna Gianniotis,
Yoga Teacher, Sydney

“Rama has a lovely way of illustrating teaching points with visual images. He has energy and enthusiasm and draws on a wealth of knowledge in his teaching and from his culture.” 
Patricia Wigley,
President, International Yoga Teachers Association

“With my life time interest in diet and yoga, I found Rama’s material the most rewarding study I have ever undertaken. The background to Ayurvedic principles set me on a life changing path. As a Yoga teacher and Ayurvedic cook, it has been invaluable to understand body types and individual needs.” 
Adrian Ward, 
Yoga Teacher and Ayurvedic chef

“Rama is a healer and a teacher who is at home with both Indian and Australian ways. His teachings are an immersion in wellbeing. Rama shares his deep knowledge and experience and so obviously walks his talk - it’s inspirational.” 
Lyndall M Parris, 
Sydney Coastal Ecovillage

Some Popular Titles

01 Your Body Type
Learn to identify a body type in under a minute, without questionnaires? Body type tells you what you are designed for! This precise system is easy to learn. DOWNLOAD.

02 Prana and Food
A short test for your level of absorption is followed by a discussion on nutrition based on modern and ancient science. Vedic practice of nutrition and eating. DOWNLOAD.

03 Kitchen Cures
A short test for your level of absorption is followed by a discussion on kitchen cures. Learn about the power of the herbs in your kitchen! DOWNLOAD.

04 Power Routine
Why modern medicine is discovering that Ayurvedic daily routine is powerful? Learn health assessment and how to improve health with regular daily practices. 

05 Pillars of Health
Working with these five vital aspects of life we can easily optimise our wellbeing and health. Master your life with in-depth but easy to learn Ayurvedic intensives. 

06 Ayurvedic Antioxidants
Rejuvenatives and tonics come in all forms and shapes. Explore these easy to access power herbs and 'found in your kitchen' herba spices. Feel young today! DOWNLOAD.

07 Cleansing Diet
How easy is to cleanse your body with diet alone? No products to buy and its all available from where you shop and the best -they are normal food. DOWNLOAD.

08 Yoga Cleanses
Yoga gives us 6 powerful cleanses. Inexpensive but deep, these cleanses prevents and removes many diseases and symptoms easily and effortlessly. DOWNLOAD.

09 Your Name in Sanskrit
Write your name in Sanskrit? Enjoy this fun class and learn the Sanskrit basics, and write words and names in Sanskrit! Bring your cryons and paper. DOWNLOAD.

10 Write & Read Sanskrit
Learn Sanskrit writing and reading in this 20 hours. Its usually done over 5 x 4 hour sessions. More info here. Great for serious yogis & ayurveda students. Read & write hundreds of yogic, tantric, vedic and ayurvedic terms.  DOWNLOAD.

11 Awakening the Divine
Menarche, menopause and periods can be painful - physically and emotionally. Here are simple methods to bring those 'suppose to be normal events' bearable! DOWNLOAD!

12 Kitchen Apothecary
Health begins from kitchen and food. Herbs and spices bring food to life. Learn about the clinical powers of your humble culinary herbs and spices. Saffron boosts your immunity; fennel improves your sleep; almonds are rejuventive - an so on.

Your poster
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Title and topic information
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Presenter information
Dr Rama Prasad is Australia's leading Ayurveda doctor who has done over 300 national and international presentation during the past 15 years. He is one of the very few doctors who has trained European students for over 20 years. More info ayurvedaelements.com | 0425 233 426.

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