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 Sanskrit for the enthusiast

Ayurveda Elements and Australian Sanskrit Academy offer Sanskrit training for general interest or tailored specifically for those involved in Yoga, Ayurveda or Vedic spirituality. Chanting Sanskrit correctly connects us to the subtle energies of the cosmos and our being.

The powerful sound vibrations of Sanskrit help to release stress, calm emotions, heal the body and focus the mind. Specific mantras can also dispel negative energies and harness positive influences into one’s life.

Learning Sanskrit opens a window to the ancient wisdom imparted by saints in the Vedas. It offers deeper insights into the sciences of Yoga, Meditation and Ayurveda, since all this knowledge was originally recorded in Sanskrit. Sanskrit is likened to a tree that evolves from the root of grammar, stems into an alphabet, branches in the listener’s mind and flowers in their heart bearing the fruit of positive deeds.

Nrtta-avasaane Nataraaja-raajo
Nanaada dhakkaam Navapanca-vaaram.

Uddhartukamah Sanakaadi-siddhaan
Etadvimarshe shiva-suutra-jaalam.

During the dance of creation, Lord Shiva beat his hand held drum fourteen times.
This vibration manifested Sanskrit, the rhythm of life revealing the secrets of the universe.

“The Sanskrit language is of a wonderful structure; more perfect than Greek, more copious than Latin and more exquisitely refined than either.”
- Sir William Jones, founder of the Asiatic Society.

“Sanskrit is the song of the soul, making one happy, healthy and whole.”
- Dr. Rama Prasad

“Exploring Sanskrit with Rama has enriched my understanding and practice of Yoga immeasurably.”
- Don, yoga teacher.

“Chanting has such a deep resonance and effect after learning precise pronunciation with Sri Rama.”
- Tulasi, meditator.

What is Sanskrit?
Originally called ‘samskrtam’, Sanskrit is the oldest recorded language. It is known as the language of the gods and is the language for Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh and Jain wisdom. It was the official language of India until 1100 AD when the Muslim invasion occurred. Its script is known as ‘deva-nagari’ or the divine style.

Sanskrit has a unique sound vibration that resonates with the microcosm of our bodies and the macrocosm of the universe. Enlightened sages imparted it as a sublime sound that would elevate one’s consciousness to enlightenment. It has also been deemed the most compatible language for computers by NASA researcher Rick Briggs. This is because it is the only natural language in the world functioning with mathematical precision and embodying the principles of artificial intelligence.

Linguists agree Sanskrit has perfect grammatical foundation. Each word can be likened to a tree. Evolving from the root of grammar, stemming into the language, branching in the listener’s mind, flowering in their heart and bearing the fruit of positive deeds.

Reciting and understanding potent Sanskrit vibrations reconnects us with the subtle forces of the cosmos and our spiritual centre. It offers a window to ancient wisdom imparted by sages revealing life-enriching truths. Sanskrit is essential to explore the depths of yoga, meditation, astrology, philosophy and Ayurveda. Profound philosophical epics such as the Ramaayana, the Mahabhaarata, Bhagavad-Gita and the Puraanas are also originally in Sanskrit.

Chanting Sanskrit correctly connects us with the empowering energies of the cosmos and our being. The powerful sound vibrations of Sanskrit help to release stress, calm emotions, heal the body and focus the mind. Specific mantras can also dispel negative energies and harness positive influences. Modern research indicates that reciting Sanskrit bestows the same effect as deep meditation.

Mission The Australian Sanskrit Institute is dedicated to spreading and preserving the sacred purity of Sanskrit. Our aim is to make Sanskrit’s wisdom and potency accessible to those from all walks of life. Our hope is that more people may utilise Sanskrit for personal and planetary peace, healing and happiness.

The Australian Sanskrit Institute offers Sanskrit courses, Sanskrit resources and a Sanskrit advisory service.

Main teachers

Dr. Rama Prasad
Rama is a third generation Sanskrit scholar who has studied Sanskrit since childhood. As a yoga and Ayurveda expert, he is able to convey Sanskrit’s universal application to personal and professional arenas. Rama is known as a warm and dynamic teacher with a passion for sharing Vedic wisdom. He aims to make every class an entertaining and enlightening delight.

Sri Rama Ramanuja Acharya
Prior to his initiation into Sri Vaisnavism, Sri Rama Ramanuja Achcarya spent 8 years in the Middle East studying Hebrew, Arabic, Judaism, Christianity and Islam. He studied Sanskrit in Varanasi and then spent extensive time in South India studying Tamil, Vaisnava philosophy and Pancharatra Agama. Sri Rama is internationally acknowledged as an expert in puja and vedic philosophy.

Intimate Instruction In the small class setting, students are guided through Sanskrit writing, reading and pronunciation with patience and attention to precision.

This course is designed for
  • Yoga students
  • Yoga teachers
  • Ayurveda students
  • Ayurveda practitioners
  • Language lovers
You will learn
  • Sanskrit - reading and writing
  • To pronounce common Sanskrit words accurately
  • Phrases / sutras from Yoga, Ayurveda and Veda
  • Accurate chanting of dozens of mantras
  • Write your name in Sanskrit

May the lord protect us.
May He nourish us.

May we work together uniting our strengths for the humanity.
May our wisdom be luminous.
May our relationship be always harmonious.
May there be peace, peace, perfect peace. 

Aum sahanaa vavatu sahanau bhunaktu saha veeryam karavaavahai
tejasvina avadheetam astu maa vidvishaavahai Aum shaantih shaantih shaantih.