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The Lunar Woman, Solar Man and Sexuality with Kundalini Yoga, Meditation and the Gong
with Shakta Kaur

Shakta Kaur Returns to Australia
The dynamic Shakta Kaur from Kundalini Yoga in The Loop (KYL), based in Chicago, Illinois, USA, is returning to Australia! Great reviews were received from her appearance at AYAs 2nd International Ayurveda Yoga Conference in Sydney 2009 and The International Ayurveda Conference in Rishikesh 2011. Do not miss out on this dynamic and insightful international speaker. More about Shakta

Experiential Evening
The Invincible Woman with Kundalini Yoga, Meditation and the Gong (Men welcome too!)

The scriptures say that women are 16 times more intelligent and 200 times more sensitive than men. But women don’t understand how to use this power. Sixteen times more intelligence is not to count weaknesses or fears; it is to count blessings. Women are not born to suffer but they do. Women are not born to be unhappy, but, many are unhappy. However, when women meditate and reflect, the entire universe can become theirs. It is only through woman that the universe has the right to live, to grow and to be. So, enjoy this special  session of Kundalini Yoga, Meditation and the gong as we reveal the beauty of the Creator manifest as the Shakti in you, the Invincible Woman. All levels welcome. Appropriate for beginners.

Woman as the Adi: Shakti the Primal, Original, Creative Energy with Kundalini Yoga, Meditation and the Gong.

No creature on the planet has the beauty, the strength and the power which you have as a woman.  But, how do you connect to this energy when it is needed most?  How can you free yourself of insecurity?  How do you alleviate the constant companions of stress, anxiety and depression?  Join Shakta Kaur to learn how to invoke the primary creative power which manifests on the earth plane as ‘woman’ whenever it is needed.  Be nurtured by the Divine Potential you carry within called the Mother Power.  Discover how to live in alignment with your highest consciousness without competition, criticism or blame.  Shakta will also share the meaning behind the mystical symbol of Infinity, the Adi Shakti, which she wears on her turban.  All levels welcome.  Appropriate for beginners.

The Lunar Woman, Solar Man and Sexuality with Kundalini Yoga, Meditation and the Gong

Woman’s basic nature is like the moon which waxes and wanes while man’s basic nature is like the sun which is continuous and constant.  In this session you will:  experience the power of ancient men’s and women’s teachings on relationship and sexuality; learn both the male and female roadmap for foreplay;  examine your present attitude toward sexuality while moving toward a more enlightened view of sex; and receive practical tips from Shakta Kaur on harmonizing the natural polarity between the masculine and feminine in daily life.  Included are sacred meditations done with a partner called Venus Kriyas designed to strengthen and complement the lunar and solar qualities of each gender.  All levels welcome.  Appropriate for either singles or couples.

Invincible Womans Forums: Sydney and Melbourne Only
Authorities stemming from different modalities will join Shakta Kaur for a forum on The Invincible Woman. Topics covered will include:
  • Woman as Her Own Psychologist (Clearing the Self)
  • Crisis Kit (Bringing Yourself Away from the Brink or What to Do When There’s Nothing Left to Do)
  • Transformations & Transitions (The Cycles of a Woman’s Life)
  • Healing & Relaxation (Relax and Rejoice)
  • Beauty Begins Within (Personal Discipline Magnifies Your Radiance).
(Please note the discussion topics are subject to change)

Breathwalk (walking meditation): From Depression to Clear and Connected.
You walk.  You breathe. But, how often do you meditatively synchronize your breath with your walking steps?  That is called Breathwalk® -- the simple, natural and effective walking practice derived from the Kundalini Yoga tradition.  In this special session with Shakta you’ll experience how easy it is to change your mood, energy level and mental state as you systematically align your body, mind and spirit. This class is designed especially for women who experience mild depression  from time-to-time and is suitable for anyone who likes to walk. Yoga experience is not required. Shakta guarantees you will feel the ‘bliss’ after just this one Breathwalk! All levels welcome. Men, women, teens, too!

Breathwalk Dates and Locations
Sydney - Hyde Park - Saturday 26th May 9.30am
Melbourne - St Kilda Botanical Gardens - Sat 2nd June 9.30am
Byron Bay - TBA - Wednesday 30th May 6am

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